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Roof Repair Plus – Your Trusty Roof Repair Specialists

Your roof is one of the biggest investments in your home, however, it is also not immune to damage. Given that it is your first line of defense against the elements, you can expect the need for roofing repairs or even replacement in the future. And while some roof repairs can be done on your own, it is still best to let the professionals do the job. That’s what we are Roofing Repair Plus is here for.


Our roofing repair experts in Oklahoma are always prepared to fix any leaks on your roof but our service and expertise don’t end there. We always look beyond the obvious problem and provide you with advice to get your roof to its best condition. Aside from replacing your shingles or plugging the leak, we’ll also check the wood decking below to make sure there isn’t any additional damage there that could cause structural problems. We want not only to get the job done but to give you the peace of mind that your home will remain safe, dry, and warm.


Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

  • Cracked, curled, or torn shingles edge
  • Signs of water damage including dark spots on ceilings, leaks, or trails
  • Your roof shingles are continuously falling off
  • Presence of blistering, rotting, or buckling
  • Your roof is dull, worn, and has moss or green algae growing on it
  • A sagging roof deck
  • Dark, dirty, or even wet shingles
  • Presence of granules in your gutters
  • Increasing energy bills
  • Light coming through your roof

Need Roof Repair in Tulsa OK?

We understand how important your home is to you. That’s why it is important to us that only skilled experts would work on it. With Roof Repair Plus, you get a team of highly-skilled professionals who has a track record of top-quality craftsmanship and excellent customer care. Before your roof falls into a worse state, our technicians will diagnose and repair the roof damage saving you time, money, and any more troubles. We also value transparency and communication and we make sure to discuss all issues and details of the project with you before we even start. We will explain what work needs to be done and provide a full report for you.


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